So today I had a fantastic experience at my local “small block” music store, one of the last to hold out against behemoths like Guitar Center; Astoria Music.

I was having an issue with the pick-up in my acoustic guitar and the owner/manager  George immediately put it up on the board and sorted the problem quickly and efficiently, then refused to charge me a cent!

He just wouldn’t take any money, so I bought some picks and made a promise to post this message about his awesome service. It is fantastic that in this corporate-dominated profits-at-any-cost world we live in, that people like George can still hold down a business and offer the kind of service that places like Guitar Center would never offer (i.e. free)!

I mentioned this to him and he told me that ¬†just like every other “big block” company strategy that I’ve read about (think Naomi Kline “No Logo”), Guitar Center initially tried to buy him out when they came to Astoria, and then when that didn’t work, they offered him a job. Suffice to say he refused.

I guess he’s lucky that his position on 30th Ave made it impossible for Guitar Center to set up shop directly across the road and run him into the ground. Go Astoria Music!