As I’ve been putting in a few grant applications lately, I had to do some searching for reviews etc, and I stumbled across this; an absolute classic!

This is priceless free promo from someone known as “Free Arts In The Canada” for my debut solo album “I Believe”; it totally cracked me up!

“I Accept (aka I Believe) is the designation of the long-awaited and much anticipated filled-length debut from Noonan, on which he realises the potential promised on hiss most late release, Weighty Spirit Piece 1 (aka Heavy Soul Part 1). It is a write of supranational proportions with limitless capabilities, fusing an evocative union of rock, pop, soul, funk and reggae.

As co-singer and multi-instrumentalist for george, Tyrone knows how it feels to be seated at the apex of the Australian music production: to win an ARIA grant, to play in face of an audience of billions (Rugby Earth Cup), and of path having what it takes to back supranational superstars like Macy Gray, Gem and Tori Amos.

He has as an alternative decided to walk the footpath of free artist on his debut mini-album Heavy Spirit Piece 1, demonstrating an impressive, new directing that earned him some accolades and a plethora of new fans along the manner.

The self-financed write was produced near Paul Peterson (Prince, Stevie Marvel, Steve Miller, Lionel Richie, Beach Boys etc.) and hybrid near Steve Hodge (Grammy-winning maker, Flyte Tyme Studios Head Designer 1986-2003 – Janet and Michael Jackson, TLC, George Michael etc.). The write marries artfully-created receiver-rock with deep individual and confronting lyrics that make a dream relationship.

Radio edit of You’re Not Here (included on specimen) is currently in the plant. Representing more knowledge, junction Tony Quinn at

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