I took the time to watch “Howl” recently, featuring James Franco as beat poet Alan Ginsberg.
Okay so it’s repetitious in parts, but it really helped remind me of why I’m here in this city and why I’m an artist, and I loved the surreal urban dreamscape imagery.
I still believe in the power of art as a reflection or a catalyst for positive change, and while some may still see his words as vulgar, Mr Ginsberg certainly achieved that.
And the movie has made me an immediate fan of composer Carter Burwell. I’m listening to “Prophecy” from the Howl soundtrack right now and the effect is palpable; offering an immediate transference to a deep, reflective, almost teary mode.
Anyone who’s lived in NY knows how challenging it is to make it as an artist here; and when you get that first spark of recognition, or when you feel like something’s building, it’s an energy rush you can’t describe. The movie captures it. That what it’s all about in Manhattan – apart from the obvious “who you now” culture – the energy. And here’s some food for thought on this subject: piezoelectric-effect-under-new-york-city?.
Recently IĀ  visited Jim Henson’s retrospective at the Museum of the Moving Image here in my hood in Astoria, and also got to see some cool stuff like the original Chewbacca head (donated by the maker), an original Blade Runner set miniature, memorabilia etc.
I have also visited the amazing and rareĀ public/private project, The Highline, a couple of times now. It is truly a remarkable feat of design and natural integration.