Heavy Soul Part 1
Tyrone Noonan

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1.Back (Where I Started From) (3.55min)
©T.Noonan/M.Stangel 2006

2. Live With A Little (3.51min)
©T.Noonan/M.Stangel/A.Polemini 2006

3. Memories of You (3.42min)
©T.Noonan/Matt Fell 2006

4.You Know (4.02min)
©T.Noonan/N.Stewart 2005

5. You’re Not Here (5.09)
©T.Noonan 2005

6. A New Life (4.00)
©T.Noonan/M.Stangel 2006

Here’s what the critics said about Heavy Soul Part 1:

“Heavy Soul Part 1 is a fine sample offering of Noonan’s diverse vocal range and musical aptitude. A sonic box of chocolates, each track showcases layers of smoothness and flavour with intriguing centres.

‘Live With A Little’ is a catchy as hell Beatles-style pop number laced with a great rock riff. ‘You Know’ finds Noonan putting on his disco shoes and treading the dance floor with inspired verses of white boy funk. ‘Back (Where I Started From)’ and ‘Memories of You’ are jaunts into pop rock territory that blend commercial radio appeal with deeper lyrical content.

‘You’re Not Here’ finds Noonan in melancholic mode. Armed with a piano, a guitar and his heart on his sleeve, this song is the saddest yet loveliest on the album. All the uplifting melodies and groove-styled beats on other tracks cannot camouflage Noonan’s artistry for tearjerkers. ‘You’re Not Here’ is the draw-card amongst all six tracks and is the epicenter of the record both thematically and musically.

Heavy Soul Part 1 for all its weighty subject matter is light on melodies and hooks.

Where the words beckon to be consumed and ruminated upon, the music cunningly snubs its own profundity and sails through the air carefree; a refreshing change from albums where lyrical mourning and musical mourning often walk hand in hand.

Heavy Soul Part 1 is a solid offering for Noonan fans and a good enticer for those ready to discover him away from the safety net of george, providing limitless insight into his potential as a solo artist and the genres of music he might try his hand at mastering on future long players.”

Beat Magazine – Helen Barradell

“With george on extended hiatus, Tyrone Noonan has obviously been keeping himself busy with the recording of this excellent mini-album – his “break-up record”, if you will. Despite the negative undertone of a relationship ending, Noonan can still clearly write a pretty darn awesome tune and here, he delivers six superb tracks of love-lost and starting over. Noonan masterfully walks the line of rock, pop and soul without really clumsily stumbling completely into either genre.

The excellent ‘Live With A Little’ sounds like a hybrid of and Chili Peppers while the funky ‘You Know’ throws in a little Prince to boot and ‘You’re Not Here’ is the kind of love-ballad that radio should be all over by now. My heart goes out to you and your heartbreak, Tyrone, but it’s hard to remain unselfishly sympathetic while you’re delivering a product of this high calibre.”

Time Off – Ben Preece

“Given that I don’t much care for Noonan’s other band, george, I wasn’t looking forward to hearing his solo release. But this mini-album is actually really, really good. It’s much more straightforward, simple and catchy than the atmospherics of george. The songs are so full of hooks you have to wonder where Noonan’s been hiding this stuff. If you’re looking for a great pop album for this summer, go buy this.”

Illawarra Mercury – Glen Humphries

“The George band member takes time out to go solo. In turn, Tyrone Noonan delivers very personal emotions placed in these songs. When one considers the circumstances behind the tracks, the result, not surprisingly, is the title Heavy Soul Part 1. This really only touches the surface of what he wishes to express. Tyrone follows the path of many singer-songwriters in not being afraid to “expose himself”.

The six tracks tread the line of funk, soul and pop, demonstrating a good mix, as in the versatility George has shown previously. We learn through his writing of a long-term relationship break-up, and that perhaps these songs are part of the therapy required. The emotional rawness is brought out with touching melodies and Tyrone’s own talent ensures the songs are well arranged.”

Mediasearch.com.au – Carmine Pascuzzi